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THE Museum of Watch History

In Villers le Lac, in the heart of clockmaking country, a short walk from the Saut du Doubs waterfall and pools, you will find a museum specially devoted to watch manufacture, set up by two enthusiastic collectors, Y. Droz and J. Flores. This museum depicts the history of manufacture, from the first watches made in 1500 to the present day. In a 12-part chronological exhibition, you can discover the history of this craft and follow its evolution (pocket watches, wrist watches, mechanical, battery-powered and electronic etc.).


An Impressive Collection

There are also magnificent collections to be seen with many one-of-a-kind, meticulously made pieces. One part of the exhibition is also devoted to the arrival of wristwatches, which revolutionised this industry. Just like at the Musée de l’horlogerie (Clock Museum) in Morteau, here you can discover many of the precision tools that were used through the ages. Finally, the country watchmaker room is a delight for all ages, where around a dozen life-size machines reproduce the steps of watch manufacture.


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