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The Jura Mountains rest on the karstic relief of the Jurassian Massif. As a result, underneath our feet lies a tremendous network of cavities eroded by the groundwater that has been working its way through the rock since the dawn of time. In other words, it is a heaven for potholers!


Supervised for Safety

There are many structures in the Jura Mountains that offer this underground adventure experience. Note that this adventure should be done strictly under professional supervision. The equipment alone requires experts to use it, and includes a helmet, head lamp, harness, overalls, and also ropes, descenders and equipment to climb back up. However, the never-ending joys of exploring are within reach… You can find them when visiting the underground chasms and rivers of Chauveroche in Ornans, the underground Verneau River in Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne, the Grotte d’Osselle Cave in Osselle and major resurgences such as the source of the Lison, and the source of the Loue.


Sport, Science and Magical Landscapes

Discover galleries which have until recently have remained unexplored, understand the formation of an underground network or draw a map of the chasms and caves – potholers never tire of criss-crossing the inner workings of the Jura Mountains. We have to admit that the terrain offers many geological marvels and surprises. Geographical specialists in this area believe that the Jura landscapes are magnificent both over and underground. Warning to those keen on hiking, water sports and outdoor activities: the potholing bug is highly contagious – you can catch it after just a few outings in the Jura Mountains!

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