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From Baume les Dames in the northern massif, to the Rock of Saint Alban in the south, towards Cerdon, via Morez and Saint Claude, there are numerous climbing spots in the Jura Mountains.

Imagine a mountain with a thousand underground galleries hollowed out by white water, to the extent where one seismic hiccup from our good old planet caused the mountain to collapse. Nowadays, just a rocky crown remains. In the hollow of a steep, dizzyingly high vertical face, life and nature have taken back their rightful place. Although the geological shortcut is a bit abrupt, the important part remains. The rock here bore witness to this thunderous episode long ago, yet remains proudly upright. It has eroded just enough to offer climbers the challenge of climbing it bare-handed.

This fantastic type of playground can be found across the Jura Mountains. In the Jurassic scenario described above, they are called “Reculées” (blind valleys). Spectacular and fascinating! However, there are other cliffs and limestone walls which are suitable for beginners, allowing them to improve and reach new heights in this sport.

There are many professionals providing services for adults and children alike, with safe equipment and walls which are suitable for all abilities: beginners or experts.

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