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You would think that golf course designers from all over the world would come to the Jura Mountains to learn about landscaping. You just have to look at the contours of our combes, the combinations of plants in our typical mountain woods and meadows and the streams that wind through the soft green of the prairies to understand how inspiring our scenery can be.


Seven Rounds of 18 holes

So how about coming to strike a ball in this unique setting? From Pontarlier, a rustic and wild course in the northern mountains to Divonne-les-Bains, in the Ain, there are no fewer than seven 18-hole golf courses. These courses have been able to retain and even show off their natural land assets with paths that take full, clever advantage of the natural resources that the setting provides. In Vernantois, the Val de Sorne golf course carves its way between vines, woods and the river. In Les  Rousses, the green Orbe Valley is the setting for the Golf Saint Jean and the Golf du Rochat courses. And in La Chevillotte, the Besançon golf course opens up onto the Jura Mountains.


A Seven Iron in the Fresh Air

Surrounded by 100% nature, at the mercy of the combes and ridges, in the hollow of valleys where the mountains fit closely together and among the alpine pasturelands, our mountain golf courses have managed to preserve what makes them so authentic. People come here to practise, unwind, breathe in the fresh air, have fun and improve in a sporting and friendly atmosphere. The golf clubs in the Jura Mountains are open to all golfers, and have packages including practicebunkers and Green Fees for an hour or a year, to suit both beginners and experts.

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