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On foot is the only way you really get to see an area. Featuring accessible and contrasting scenery, the Jura Mountains are a hiking dream come true.


Joy and Discovery as a Family

Themed trails and nice, family-friendly circuits: there are an infinite number of walks in the mountains, lasting just an afternoon or a full day, with breaks for a nice meal or a spot of culture. If you like, you can stop and visit one of the many museums devoted to local knowledge, gem merchants, toys, and clock making, or enjoy a picnic full of local products including salted meatBleu de Gex cheese, and more. Since hiking should, above all, be an enjoyable experience, there is a growing number of walking concepts here in the mountains. You can go on discovery walks or treasure hunts, which are especially suitable for younger hikers. Fun routes like the GPS Safari are inspired by castleslakes, forest and peatland dwellers with two, four or a hundred legs, as well as imaginary characters and legends


Recharge your Batteries in the Fresh Air

Hiking in the Jura Mountains is also about taking time out to rediscover the peace and abundance of nature, in settings featuring combes, ridges and forests, and on the banks of lakes, rivers and waterfalls where you can enjoy the vistas and panoramic views. Rejuvenating routes include the Haute Bienne trail or the route around the Lac de Vouglans. For something wilder, you could try the Haute Joux Mont-Noir around Ain, and even the GR Balcon du Léman route going over the tops of the mountains and down into the Loue Valley.


Or Push Your Limits

There are challenging, more extreme treks over the summits. Some legendary routes come close to the GR 9, with its 225 km of marked trails accentuated by the peaks of the Jura Mountains. You can either take a fortnight to devour this route in one go, or just choose small sections of it, depending on how much time you have and your ability.


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