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Nordic Walking

It’s a simple concept: grab some walking poles, put on your best boots and you’re off! This sport – all the rage in Scandinavia – is highly suited to the Jura Mountains, with its mountainous terrain and hiking trails. It is a summer or winter activity, and an alternative to and a good way to train for hikingcross-country skiingsnowshoeing or jogging.

In the Jura MountainsNordic walking can be attempted independently or with a guide. If you go with a guide, you’ll often start with a warm-up: Nordic sticks in hand; you will perform hip, shoulder, wrist and ankle rotations. Then you’ll be all set for an energetic walk, intensified by using the poles. The session will feature a combination of stretches and hiking and will last between 40 minutes and an hour and a half, depending on your ability.

Enjoy the scenery and the pure mountain air as you walk along the hiking trails and mountain roads, and discover yet another joy of walking and its near-magical effects. Nordic walking is a simple sport, but one that is very effective at improving your cardio-respiratory capacity and tones just about every muscle. In fact, it tones about 90% of them! It will refine your figure and strengthen your joints, let you breathe in the fresh air, de-stress, and even meet people! Nordic walking is often a group activity. In addition to its long list of advantages, you might add that it is friendly and cheap.


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