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Helmet, harnesstwo carabiners and a pair of comfortable trainers, and there you have your basic equipment. Next, keep your cool, warm up your arm muscles and your thighs (yes, those as well) and muster up your energy! While you’re at it, get rid of any thoughts of vertigo and you’ll be ready to go! From rope bridge to zip line, get hooked!

The forest is always present in the Jura Mountains. Here, you’ll find everything you need to keep warm, find shelter, make furnishings, preserve food (by smoking meat and cheeses flavoured with bark straps such as Mont d’Or) – and that’s not all. The trees in the Jura Mountains are also used … for having fun! In the forests, there are a number of natural adventure courses. Perched high up in the trees, the sessions challenge your sense of balance and your sportsmanship. In Métabief-Mont d’Or, Les Fourgs, in Ornans, Col de la Faucille, Les Rousses, and Hauteville-Lompnes, there are beginner trails to suit little ones leading up to dizzying advanced courses. There is something for all tastes, ages and levels of bravery!

The newest addition to these high altitude games is riding a bike along the treetops. Go from the top of one tree to the next on two wheels! This previously-unheard-of session along the black course in the Parc aventure du Bugey will test your balance.

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