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Crossing the void becomes a miracle within your reach. There is no danger of falling, even if there is still a little fear at the back of your mind (or butterflies in your stomach). The Via Ferrata is one way of climbing the steep limestone cliffs of the Jura Mountains. You can easily hire simple, specialised equipment (harness, tether, helmet and gloves), to go on the footbridges, ladders, rope bridges and zip lines. This is a completely safe way to play with vertical height and the laws of gravity.


Look Down from On High

Children must be 10 years old to go climbing. However, there are beginner sites where younger children can learn to master the void and handle the equipment. Therefore, the whole family can enjoy the thrill of being suspended dozens of metres up in the air. The verticals and overhangs open up breath-taking vistas over a turquoise lake, a meandering river or the poetic charm of a village nestled around its church.


Guided by the Line

It’s amazing how things appear so simple and different when viewed from above. Just climb up, following the steel cable that guides you safely from start to finish, like Ariane’s thread in the rocky Jura labyrinth. Take the path through the air in Ornans, Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne, Combe Saint-Pierre, Morez, Moirans-en-MontagneLéaz and La Guinguette in the Hostiaz area.

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