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“Petite Cité Comtoise de Caractère”, gastronomic land and capital of Jura Wines… it’s impossible to ignore all the titles that Arbois holds.


A Rich Architectural Past

With its old buildings, such as castles, churches, former convents, ramparts and more, the town is rightly proud of its heritage, which you can see as you stride along its streets. The unmissable Eglise Saint-Just bell tower dominates the town, with an outline that sets off the horizon of the Reculée des Planches blind valley. Arbois also owes its reputation to a local boy who grew up there: Louis Pasteur. His house remains intact today and you can go on a tour that will show you his laboratory!


Arbois – A Gastronomical Stop

Winegrowers will welcome you into their cellars in Arbois, the wine capital of the Jura. A visit to the Musée de la Vigne et du Vin (Vine and Wine Museum) will complement your visit- a fitting attraction for the first region to obtain an AOC title in France in 1936.

Arbois is also the home to many passions, including well-known figures such as Hirsinger, one of the best French chocolatiers, and the Michelin-starred restaurateur Jean Paul Jeunet.


Ever-Present Nature

There is no shortage of natural sites either. There is plenty to discover in the surrounding area, such as the Grotte des Moidons cave or the blind valley known as Reculée des Planches


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