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Baume-les-Messieurs: An Exceptional Place for Heritage and Nature

Nestled in the middle of three blind valleys, typical of the Jura Mountains, the village of Baume-les-Messieurs shelters behind tall limestone walls. It is designated as a “Petite Cité Comtoise de Caractère.”


An Outstanding Natural Site

A number of caves are hewn out of the limestone cliffs. These underground galleries are some of the most spectacular in Europe. Exiting the caves, the equally impressive Baume-les-Messieurs waterfalls gush over rocks close to the village and continue to flow into the forest undergrowth. In addition, this natural site is located in a Natura 2000 zone.


An Abbey Steeped in History

The Abbey from the days of the Empire observed the Rule of St Benedict, and has majestic architecture and sacred furnishings. Abbot Berno and a few other monks left the Abbey to found Cluny Abbey. A walk through the lovely abbey estate gardens feels timeless. The Saint Peter church (Eglise Saint-Pierre) houses one of the biggest polychrome altarpieces in Europe.

Whether you are interested in architecture or nature, Baume-les-Messieurs is definitely a must-see. The beauty of the village earned it a spot among the Most Beautiful Villages in France (“Plus Beaux Villages de France“).


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