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Winegrowing Village with 20 Fountains

Karst formations have created some interesting natural attractions. Cerdon, the village of 20 fountains! Its famous sparkling rosé wine is a sweet-tasting “champagne des dames”. Until recently, copper was a local specialty thanks to its artisan copper factories- among the few that remained in France. Michel Serrault was briefly its CEO in Jean Becker’s film “Children of the Marshlands“.


Scars of the Past

Hiking and mountain bikingclimbing and canyoning… there are plenty of activities around Cerdon. The Grottes du Cerdon , a chain of caves and grottoes located above the edge, are among the most visited sites in the Ain. Its panoramic views over the valley are a delightful part of the visit. Yet, a sad chapter in history rears its head by the Val de l’Enfer. It was here, during the last World War, that major events in terms of the French Resistance took place. On the road to Nantua, you can admire a touching monument dedicated to members of the Resistance.


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