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Nozeroy is an old medieval town bursting with charm in the heart of the Jura Mountains.


A City of Influence

Towering over the valley from atop its hill, the small town of Nozeroy was very influential during the Middle Ages. The Princes of Orange built a palace there, adding to its fame. Given its geographic position, the town controlled access roads into Switzerland in the past, as well as the salt production coming from the Grande Saline in Salins-les-Bains and the Saline Royal in Arc et Senans.


Significant Remnants Remain to this Day

Ramparts, gates, and ruins still dot the town today. A group of volunteers is trying to restore the castle back to its former glory. A self-guided tour leads visitors through this charming town where they can discover ramparts, its gates (Porte de Nods and Tour de l’Horloge), the castle ruins and the Saint Antoine collegiate church. The majority of these remnants are considered “Monuments Historiques” (monuments of historical importance)
In tribute to its medieval past, the town organises a medieval festival every year in July.


Set in Nature

Natural sites surround the town. Would-be rivers first peek through springs, only to then turn into waterfalls before hiding underground once more. This is true for the Ain, which has its source in Conte, a few kilometres away from Nozeroy.


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