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Ornans: The Famous Town that Inspired Gustave Courbet

Birthplace of the famous painter Gustave Courbet, a pioneer of the Realist movement, the town of Ornans is one of the most beautiful places on the list of “Petites cités comtoises de caractère” (Comté village heritage sites). Nicknamed the “Little Venice of Comté”, Ornan owes its fame to the rows of houses on stilts which line the River Loue. Ornans is the ideal destination to follow in the footsteps of Courbet. Come and discover the Comptois monuments as well as the landscapes that Courbet cherished so much: the Château d’Ornans offers exceptional views and the Eglise Saint Laurent, which still boasts its Gothic style. The Musée Gustave Courbet is a must-see to learn about the artist’s life and the the Loue Valley his eyes.


Ornans: A Town in the Heart of a Vibrant Valley

Continue your journey around Ornans and you’ll discover many natural and fun places of interest including the Loue and Lison Valleys, the Gouffre de Poudrey, as well as the  Dino-Zoo park. There are also plenty of opportunities for sports activities on the River Loue. It is one of Europe’s finest rivers for fishing and perfect for canoe trips and canyoning. The Loue Valley is also a perfect location for hiking, mountain biking or simply for an outing to see the fauna and flora of the Jura Mountains.

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