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Whether it’s built into a holiday or organised directly with one of the Jura’s balloonists, a balloon trip is a unique experience. A dream suspended between heaven and earth. And what a stretch of Earth this is! The Jura Mountains are home to a collection of a wide variety of landscapes, which you can fly over in just a few hours, allowing you to gaze at them all in a single swoop.

You’ll take off in the late afternoon or at dawn, depending on weather conditions. The light adds to the magic, while the authoritative silence increases the intensity of the experience. The silence is only interrupted by the burner to control the height of the balloon, as it catches a current and glides you off into the Jura skies. As you set off from Arc-et-Senans or Voiteur, a landscape featuring row upon row of vines will unfold beneath you. Admire the rocky outcrop of Château-Chalon, the remoteness of Baume-les-Messieurs and some of the most beautiful villages in the Jura Mountains, perhaps even in France.

Depending on where you take off from, you’ll see other equally magical scenery. From Pontarlier, the balloon flies over the tumultuous Doubs Gorge to the north, or further south towards the fascinating and dizzying Chateau de Joux, the Lac de Saint-Point. Meanwhile in the distance, to the east, a sublime panorama of Alps unfolds. From Saint-Claude, the balloon seems to caress the forests and peaks of the Jura Mountains. The mountains seem calmer as landscapes of woody meadows and gentle valleys alternate below. A soft landing…

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