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Flying like a bird is a dream for many people. In the Jura Mountains, Icarus’ dream allows you double your experience in discovering the breath-taking landscapes. Mysterious valleys reveal themselves; a forest free of roads can be approached; a lake suddenly appears in a valley; a remote blind valley, forgotten by tourists, offers itself up to your gaze and a waterfall catches your eye as a river splashes onto limestone. You’ll see the world from a completely different perspective from the air.


Learn the Language of Paragliding

Exploring the natural wonders of the Jura Mountains in a two-seater paraglider with a qualified instructor can be done from the age of 4 years, without the passenger needing any particular level of physical fitness. If the thrill of flying over the peaks makes you want to learn how to play around with the canopy lines yourself, “Discovery Packs” and introductory courses can provide you with an introduction to take-off, flying and landing techniques over a period of 5 days.


A Secret in the Sheer Mountain Faces

Reach for the sky above the world and its humdrum. Float above the vineyards of Château-Chalon and the Forts de Salins, all the way to Mont Poupet above the Rhône. Fly over the Doubs valley or the Lac de Nantua and onto Port and the Ain Valley before continuing on towards Balvey or Revermont, past Mont Myon. That is indeed a unique experience. It is said that only paragliders know the secret of peregrine falcons.

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