Dear parents

Dear parents


Pierre, Jules and Louise Gauthier adore each other and love their parents dearly. So when their parents ask them to come and see them urgently, because they have something very important to tell them, the three children rush over, fearing the worst. But the worst doesn't happen, at least not right away, and the wonderful news that Jeanne and Vincent tell them will shatter the family unit... making the three offspring long for what they dreaded most when they arrived a few hours earlier!

"Dear Parents" is a comedy about family, love, money, the place of each member of a family, the impermanence of feelings, the dark side that lies dormant in all of us, and what parents owe their children.

A play by Emmanuel and Armelle PatronDirected by Armelle Patron and Anne DupagneWith:Frédérique Tirmontalternating with Arièle Sémenoffas JeanneBernard Alane alternating with Philippe Magnandas VincentÉlise Diamant alternating with Claudia Dimieror Marie Tirmontas LouiseRudy Milstein alternating with Thomas Sagolsas JulesEmmanuel Patron alternating with Laurent Bateaudas Pierre

Nominated for the Molière for Best Comedy 2022

Running time: 1h30 with no intermission

Dear parents
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