CinéGlobe en orbite
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CinéGlobe en orbite


On the program: - Short films 11 a.m. - fun and informative short films from the CineGlobe collection that will delight adults and children alike. Running time: 45 min. Ages: 3 to 6 - Workshops 11:50 - How to create a small animation on film? Handle real 35 mm film, rework the images one by one, then visualize the resulting animation using a Moviola projector. Duration: 30-45 min. 3pm - How to make a camera with a Tetra pak and take a photo with it? During the Tetra Pak Camera workshop, you'll build your own pinhole camera and learn how to develop photos with coffee and vitamin C. Places are extremely limited, so book as soon as possible. Duration: 1h00 Ages 7 and up. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. - 4pm: Snack for children. Film - Screening: 5pm - Superintelligence, 2020 Carol Peters, an unemployed former corporate executive, lives from day to day. When her TV, phone and microwave start talking to her, she initially thinks she's the victim of a bad joke. It turns out to be a super artificial intelligence, voiced by her favorite celebrity James Corden, intent on studying Carol and her interactions as a means of learning more about humanity. In reality, her ultimate goal is far more sinister, as she aims to annihilate the human race. Carol becomes humanity's last chance... Running time 1h46 - Legal age 10; recommended age 12 Free popcorn before the screening! - Round-table discussion 7pm - What does the future hold in the age of ultra-powerful artificial intelligence? Discussion with scientists and players in the field. Duration: 1 hour - Aperitif: 7.45pm

CinéGlobe en orbite
Théâtre Le Bordeau
18 Rue de Genève
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