Concert: Mass Hysteria + Each SOLD OUT

Concert: Mass Hysteria + Each SOLD OUT


Over 25 years of exemplary career!
That's what you can say without blushing about Mass Hysteria, and it comes as no surprise to anyone.
A few months after making their mark on the French metal scene with the Gros 4 tour, MASS HYSTERIA are back with their 10th album, TENACE, which will be released in two parts: TENACE - Part 1 on 26 May, and TENACE - Part 2 this autumn.

Formed in 2020 by François, Maxime, Thibaut, Pierre and Lucile, EACH play powerful, energetic stoner garage. Their experience with the bands Armaniak, Moon and Roadster promises a greasy, venomous set.
They hit the road in June 2022, touring local cafés and festivals to promote their set. In early 2023, Pierre on rhythm guitar decided to move on to other horizons, bringing a breath of fresh air to EACH.
EACH is supported by Moloco as part of the Moloc'up programme.


Organiser: Le Moloco
Practical information: Free seating, standing room only

Concert: Mass Hysteria + Each SOLD OUT
Le Moloco
21 rue de Seloncourt
Prices & Schedules
  • Other rates (Pre-sales) : 26€
  • Child rate (-10 years) : 5€
  • Ermäßigter Satz (Pre-sale (jobseekers, RSA recipients, students)) : 24€
  • Other rates (Partner subscriber) : 22€
  • Subscriber's rate (Pre-sales) : 22€

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