David Voinson in Besançon
Dinner Show

David Voinson in Besançon


Despite his air of self-confidence, David wonders whether he's missing the point. Enjoying his single life or finding true love?

Constantly at a crossroads, the show explores the contradictions of his generation. He handles his relationship with the world and with others with humour, through his mates, parties, family and, above all, girls.

How do you please them?

How to understand them?

How can I avoid coming across as a big fat charo?

That's the dilemma he faces.

At just 25, he's a rising star in the comedy world, racking up millions of subscribers and views on the networks, where his blonde character already has a cult following.

Don't wait any longer, and go and see David Voinson's first show!

David Voinson in Besançon
Place du Théâtre

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