Dom Juan

Dom Juan


This version of Molière's masterpiece, infused with the energy of brilliant young actors, takes on an unexpected dimension. The power of the great master's words is magnificently sublimated by the performance of these virtuosos who juggle the tragic and the burlesque to perfection.
Dom Juan is a cultured man who provokes society. His servant, Sganarelle, oscillates between terror and pride in serving this appalling master. As much as Dom Juan proves to be a cool-headed man in all circumstances, Sganarelle reacts like a genuine superstitious coward. We gradually discover that the stakes of the play go beyond Dom Juan's desire to satisfy his pleasure. Through him, Molière denounces the obstacles that society places in the way of individual freedom. You probably know the plot, but here it will be set on the stage like a diamond, thanks in particular to the boundless talent of Arthur Fourcade (Dom Juan) and Mickaël Pinelli Ancelin (Sganarelle). In a sparse set design, with a few chairs, a gramophone and a birdcage, the detuned and comic duo sumptuously returns to the essence of the theatre, that place where one 'plays' as well as where one 'plays'.
as well as 'thinking'.

For ages 14 and up
Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Dom Juan
Théâtre municipal
14 Cours Georges Clemenceau
39100 DOLE
Prices & Schedules

Thursday 30 March at 8.30pm

  • Base rate : 14€ - 22€
  • Sonderpreis : 10€ - 14€

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