En Pleine France

En Pleine France


In 1958, eleven "Algerian Muslim" footballers left their club in metropolitan France to form the FLN team. A match for independence that Kheireddine Lardjam evokes to explore the traces of the Algerian war in the collective imagination.
Football says so much about the relationship between the French and Algerians that En pleine France has seized on the subject to get to the point: to give contrast to the invisible substratum of French society that is the Algerian war. In perspective, there is a match that may or may not take place at the Stade de France. In the background, there is our colonial history. In this France that we think we know well, people suffer from a hidden trauma, stuck in the present. Then there is a phantom bus, which goes, as best it can
to the match (or the rest of the story). Not content with untangling the knots of history, this committed text, signed by Marion Aubert, is a real shot in the arm which echoes the words of a certain Ionesco, who invited everyone to "go to the theatre as you would go to a football match".

Age: 15 years and over
Duration: 2 hours

Prices & Schedules

8 and 9 November at 8.30 pm.

  • Base rate : 14€ - 22€
  • Sonderpreis : 10€ - 14€

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