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Street art
Running time: 1 hour 05 minutes - from age 10

Consumed by his passion for cars, Gino opens the bonnet of his life and smells the grease. It's an exhaust system with masterfully oiled connecting rods that plunges us with wit into the intimate, sometimes rusty, workings of human mechanics.

After playing the role of a mechanic in La Jurassienne de réparation and Départ Arrêté, Pio D'Elia, who dreamed of becoming a mechanic as a child, has now embarked on writing En roue libre, an autobiographical and cathartic show about a passion that has become an obsession, not to say an addiction. In a controlled skid, both funny and nostalgic, Pio recalls his memories, his frustrations and his moments of grace. On stage, the Peugeot 305 of Gino Bianchi, the excessive man he embodies, is alongside actress Mélanie Rebouillat, the schizophrenic double to whom the mad mechanic owes his salvation. In this odyssey in the form of a road-movie that evokes our own compulsions, ingredients from the cinema that has so often seen the car as the spare wheel of our broken imaginations, the dream vehicle of our escapism, are mixed together.

Outdoor show

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Wednesday 15 May at 8.30pm


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