Exposition : Florian, fabuliste

Exposition : Florian, fabuliste


Discover the writer Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, grand-nephew by ricochet of Voltaire, fabulist of genius, heir to Aesop and Jean de la Fontaine. Although he remains unknown to the general public today, his apologues are nevertheless famous; his animal world and his prolific work have been a source of inspiration for over three centuries. Dive into the heart of Florian's most famous fables, which will seem to come to life before your eyes: follow the king of animals, the lion, and his merry man, the monkey, for a journey into an idealized 18th century where Nature is omnipresent. The six rooms of this tour will honor the life of this writer through the evocation of his most famous fables in order to draw a colorful and delicate portrait of his work and to immerse visitors in the refinement of the 18th century.

Exposition : Florian, fabuliste
Château de Ferney-Voltaire
Château de Ferney-Voltaire, Allée du château
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From 01/10/22 to 07/01/23 of 10:00 to 17:00

  • Base rate : 8€

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