Ferneysiens du monde
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Ferneysiens du monde


"Whether they've travelled the globe or come from the other side of the world, we've chosen to honor the Ferneysiens of the world in 2023. It's been a long and fascinating process. We went from surprise to surprise, from discovery to discovery, from emotion to emotion. Who would have told us, when we received from Cuba the photo of a plaque engraved in honor of "Don José" Giroud, born in Ferney in 1781, that his story would be so much like an adventure novel? Who would have imagined that, a thousand kilometers away, two local children would, half a century later, pledge eternal love to each other despite the weight of immeasurable misfortune? That the descendants of old Ferney families would find each other in Havana or Vietnam? Or that on the other side of the world, the granddaughter of a colorful Ferneysien would learn Maori at school? - The Ferney en mémoire association.

Ferneysiens du monde
Mairie de Ferney-Voltaire, salle des Colonnes
avenue Voltaire
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From 09/10/23 to 03/11/23

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