I lost my poncho

I lost my poncho


You can only say good things with your body. This is the premise of this trio of contemporary dancers who set out to collect and question the mutations posed on the body in length, breadth and depth. A piece full of mini-tornadoes, which promises to blow your mind!
A new creation co-produced by Les Scènes du Jura, I lost my poncho is the fruit of the Kubilai Khan Investigations company, which never ceases to question, through the body and dance, the spaces and mutations of our interconnected worlds. The three dancers, including choreographer and artist Frank Micheletti, have set themselves a new objective: to break down the armour and set off on an adventure of the body. Travelling flexibility for these three bodies who push the cursor of their relationship towards
to generous reciprocity and a few deviations. Tilting, colliding, deviating, derailing, reversing and wavering will be the choreographic motifs invested and deployed to bring a whirlwind of whirlwinds to the stage. A corrosive ballet full of joyful darkness, as much a fable as a parody, which traces, through movement, a new atlas of our physical imaginations.

All audiences
Duration: 1 hour

I lost my poncho
Théâtre de Lons-le-Saunier
4 Rue Jean Jaurès
Prices & Schedules

20 January 2023 at 8.30 pm.

  • Base rate : 14€ - 22€
  • Sonderpreis : 10€ - 14€

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