Le 19 Crac : Infortune Cookies

Le 19 Crac : Infortune Cookies


With Infortune cookies, 19 Crac inaugurates a new type of sharing between art centres by inviting the curatorial artists Tom Castinel and Marie L'Hours to develop the exhibition concept they are currently developing at La Tôlerie. Their annual programme is divided into "stages". Each stage takes place in three stages: the Decor / the Cabaret / the Backstage. First of all, a Décor exhibition is set up to occupy the central space of La Tôlerie. The Cabaret (concerts, performances, readings, etc.) physically activates the exhibition and finally, the satellite programme of the Coulisses offers specific events (exhibitions, meetings, conferences, screenings, etc.).

Curated by Tom Castinel and Marie L'Hours
With : Ethan Assouline, Angélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard, Anne Bourse, Corentin Canesson, Rémy Drouard, Nitsa Meletopoulos, Anouchka Oler Nussbaum, Peggy Pehl

Le 19 Crac : Infortune Cookies
Le 19 Crac
19 Avenue des Alliés
Prices & Schedules

From 21/05/22 To 21/08/22

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