The battlefield

The battlefield


Theatre - From 15 years - 1h20
Théâtre de Poche

"The trouble with children is that they grow up. One fine morning, without warning, they put on trainers, respond with onomatopoeia and listen to bad music (...) They drag themselves from the sofa to bed, making it a point of honour to remind you that you are in no way up to your role as father. It poisons you. It hates you. It's cruel when a child grows up. To top it all off, once you're over 50 metres tall, they stop thinking of you as God himself. A father in his forties, locked away in the toilet, the ultimate inviolable fortress, consulting travel brochures as a way of escaping for good from the weight of everyday life, with an older son in the throes of adolescence on one side and a couple in crisis, particularly sexual, on the other.
Jérôme Colin, Denis Laujol and Thierry Hellin bring us a show about family love in which feelings are raw, as if on a battlefield. It's a show that questions social violence, particularly that produced by the school and the family, but which is never devoid of hope, because it's carried along by a funny pen full of tenderness.

Coproduced by Théâtre de Poche de Bruxelles, Cie Ad Hominem, Atelier Théâtral Jean Vilar and Central. Courtesy of Editions Allary.
Text: Jérôme Colin
Adapted and directed by Denis Laujol With Thierry Hellin
Artistic collaboration: Julien Jaillot
Set design: Denis Laujol
Lighting design: Xavier Lauwers
Video creation : Lionel Ravira
Sound design: Marc Doutrepont
Costumes: Carine Duarte
Photo: Debby Termonia
Production: Théâtre de Poche

The battlefield
Chapelle de la Congrégation
37 Grande Rue
Prices & Schedules

Tuesday 28 May at 8.30pm

  • Ermäßigter Satz (schoolchildren, students, unemployed, RSA)
The battlefield

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