Le discours

Le discours


Adrien, forty years old, is in charge of giving a speech at his sister's wedding, but all he can think about is Sonia, who is taking a "break" after a year together. A masterful solo, as hilarious as it is moving, brilliantly adapted from Fabcaro's novel.
Laughing at other people's misfortunes is cruel, but how can you do otherwise? Adrien has just been rejected and reluctantly attends a family dinner where his brother-in-law asks him to prepare a few words for his sister's wedding. Caught between his mother's remarks and his father's anecdotes, Adrien doesn't have the courage to say no, so he imagines catastrophic speeches while waiting for only one thing: a text from his ex, Sonia. In a succession of unpredictable scenes, Benjamin Guillard, a tragic and hilarious actor, follows the psychological
psychological meanderings of a magnificent loser with comic neuroses, thanks to a witty, poetic text, always anxious to make the audience the accomplice of his setbacks. This sentimental character, whom we look at with affection, has an energy mixed with generosity that sweeps everything away, and makes all victims of heartbreak feel a little bit better.

From 14 years old
Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Le discours
Théâtre municipal
14 Cours Georges Clemenceau
39100 DOLE
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Tuesday 24 January at 8.30pm

  • Base rate : 14€ - 22€
  • Sonderpreis : 10€ - 14€

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