Le mariage forcé

Le mariage forcé


Sganarelle, a wealthy and naive fifty-year-old, wants to marry the dashing and feisty Dorimene, who sees in him the opportunity to finance her libertarian life. When he becomes aware of his sweetheart's plans, the gallant man will do everything in his power to try to have the marriage annulled.
This comedy was conceived by Molière as a satire of the mores of their time. It reversed the codes of a patriarchal society by portraying a shameless and very modern coquette: Dorimène. Dorimène sees her alliance with Sganarelle, who thinks she will dominate her, as the promise of an opulent life lived independently with the boy she loves. This version of the play is impeccably dusted off, with a minimalist set design and extreme use of language.
This version of the play takes place on a straw floor surrounded by bleachers where ten characters are played by three skilful actors who weave ever closer links with the audience, letting improvised bursts of energy emerge that magnify the moment and make it unique. A short play, punctuated by the urgency of the farce, for a bewitching theatre experience.

All audiences
Duration: 1 hour

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  • Base rate : 10€ - 15€
  • Sonderpreis : 10€ - 11€

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