L'homme canon

L’homme canon


Pioneer of a minimalist circus, the fil-de-fériste Rémi Luchez pushes the economy of gesture and props to its paroxysm, raising the poetry of his prowess to a new level. He is not a pushover, but an overwhelming clown, stubborn, touching the essence of his art!
Gone is the fantasy of the acrobat who flies through the air in a plume of opaque smoke, the emblematic figure of the 19th century circus arts. With his air of not touching it, Rémi Luchez rightly instils new "canons": simplicity of situations, slow movement, sobriety of sets and props. A new form of risk-taking that leaves no room for frivolity. On stage, his frail clown-like figure, deadpan and focused to the extreme, persists and strives to accomplish, sometimes even sabotage, absurdly perilous actions. Whether he is piling bricks on top of his skull or climbing up the steps with an amphora that is threatening to fall off, the comical atmosphere is a joy to behold. A singer and musician, Lola Calvet, completes this superbly zany assembly, moving from an Irish ballad to a Britney Spears hit. Simply hot!

Age: 6 years and over
Running time: 0h50

L’homme canon
4 Rue Jean Jaurès
Prices & Schedules

24 November at 2.30 pm. 25 November at 2.30 pm and 8.30 pm.

  • Base rate : 10€ - 15€
  • Sonderpreis : 6€ - 11€

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