Reliving the mythical voyage of Ulysses but from the point of view of his son, Telemachus, who is struggling to build himself up in the absence of his father, is the audacity of this subtle and deliberately rudimentary theatre, at a child's level, which speaks of an immense adventure: growing up.
On the shore, in anger, a lonely Telemachus asks himself questions while waiting for the return of his father, Ulysses: "Why did he leave? And this father, whom he knows only through the heroic exploits he is told about, who is he? How can he grow up without him? A group of children appear on the beach to console him, to play with him, no doubt other orphans of sailors who left with his father. There is Mentor, the leader of the band, and the young goddess Athena, who will show Telemachus the adventures of Odysseus until he returns to his mother Penelope. With Marion Aubert's colourful and rhythmic language, transcended by live music and a science-fiction aesthetic, director Marion Guerrero turns Homer's famous myth into a very intimate rock tale-concert, taking the audience into a strong and subtle story.

From 9 years old
Duration: 1 hour

Prices & Schedules
  • Base rate : 10€ - 15€
  • Sonderpreis : 6€ - 11€

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