Séance de cinéma 'Seconde jeunesse' en VO sous titrée

Séance de cinéma "Seconde jeunesse" en VO sous titrée


Italy 2023 Running time 1h31 Original version with subtitles Synopsis Astolfo, a retired teacher, has to leave his Roman flat when his landlady evicts him. Destitute, he decides to return to the village of his ancestors, to live in the ruined family palace, a vestige of a heritage that everyone is trying to monopolise. He befriends the outsider who has been squatting in the house for years, as well as a retired cook and an unemployed young man. But above all, he meets Stefania, a shy, gentle and generous woman of his own age. Encouraged by his friends, Astolfo takes a brave step and happily learns that it's never too late to fall in love.

Séance de cinéma "Seconde jeunesse" en VO sous titrée
salle des fêtes
Place Brillat Savarin
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