Séance de cinéma 'Un métier sérieux'

Séance de cinéma "Un métier sérieux"


France 2023 Running time 1 hour 41 minutes Synopsis It's back to school time. It's a new school year at the collège, and Pierre, Meriem, Fouad, Sophie, Sandrine, Alix and Sofiane, a group of committed and close-knit teachers, find themselves together. They are joined by Benjamin, a young, inexperienced substitute teacher who is quickly confronted with the trials and tribulations of his job. Through his contact with them, he will discover just how much the passion for teaching is still alive within an institution that is nevertheless in a fragile state.

Séance de cinéma "Un métier sérieux"
Salle des fêtes
Place Brillat Savarin
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