Show - Ottavia

Show - Ottavia


By reservation only. "Every day, we blink 28,800 times. 28,800 times a day, the world disappears and reappears. One day, Natascha closes her eyes. For a minute. An hour. A day and a night.
Then when she wakes up, her eyes still closed, she leaves her house. Ottavia turns Italo Calvino's novel The Invisible Cities into a poetic, lively tale. The main character, a young girl called Natascha, decides one fine day to close her eyes. She takes us on
a sensory journey, supported by electronic music by Roman Bestion, real-time animation by Nathalie Guimbretière, and a story by Milan Otal.

Show - Ottavia
Place de la Halle
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  • Base rate : 13€
  • Ermäßigter Satz : 11€

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