Spéléo gourmande à la journée dans le Doubs
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Spéléo gourmande à la journée dans le Doubs


Meet at 10am in Montrond le Château, a few km from Besançon.

Family or sport caving.
Go on an adventure accompanied by Noa Guides, you will be equipped from head to toe.
Overcome your apprehensions and let your curiosity take over.

Come and discover the work of underground water and the hidden wonders of this specific natural environment.
Contemplative or more technical, we will adapt to your expectations.
Accessible from 8 years old
Other dates or locations on request

Meet near Valdahon, bring soft and comfortable clothes and a good pair of hiking shoes.

Spacious cavity with generous spaces interspersed by small tunnels of a few meters in which we move on all fours.

Accessible to all if you are in good physical condition and have no contraindications to this activity.

The cave is partly fossilized, allowing a yearly practice without any risks linked to the weather.

EXPLORATION OF THE CAVE PONCTUED BY A FOUNDATION at the bottom of the cave, this friendly adventure is suitable for families from 8 years and groups of friends ...

Noa Guides who are we ?
Noa Guides is a small office with 3 local instructors.
You will be welcomed by Cédric, Daniel or Guy, caving instructors at Noa Guides
All three are native of our beautiful region of the Jura mountains and passionate about outdoor activities.

Advantages of caving ?
Caving is without doubt the 4 seasons activity par excellence, the temperature in the caves being almost constant, caving is practiced 12 months a year.

The most popular periods are during the February and Christmas holidays to protect yourself from the cold and the summer holidays to avoid the heat wave.
But if you want to take full advantage of the calm of the underground environment, we advise you to practice rather during the spring holidays or Easter or April holidays and in autumn, for example, when the caves are less popular.

The particular character of the underground environment, the apprehensions that we can have the first minutes of the adventure will be very quickly forgotten, it will emerge a beautiful solidarity and pride, this activity is very strong in emotions.

What is the goal of caving ?
Caving is the study and exploration of caves, chasms, bays and cavities,
Very often, you will learn as much about yourself, as about the specific environment of the cave. It is also in this that caving is extraordinary.

How to equip yourself to practice caving ?
We generally need to use an adapted equipment like wetsuits, helmet with lamp, boots, harnesses and accessories to evolve on rope.
On your part, plan soft and comfortable clothes, good shoes and a change of clothes to follow the activity.

Where are the caves located?
The caves are all different from each other, our Jura massif conceals numerous caves that number in the tens of thousands, at Noa Guides, we organize our activities on a dozen caves spread over the territory of the Jura mountains.
We regularly supervise in France around Saint Claude, Champagnole, Les Rousses, Prémanon, Morez, Bellefontaine, Chapelle des Bois, Métabief, Mouthe, Pontarlier, Besançon, Lons le saulnier, Arbois, Poligny, Moirans en Montagne but also in Switzerland, Col du Marchairuz, Vallorbe, Grotte de la cascade à Môthier.

Why caving in the Jura or the Haut Doubs ?
The Jura Massif is one of the main karstic massifs in France, just like the Vercors, the Pyrenees, the Ardèche, the Lozère, the Tarn, the Dordogne.
The Department of Doubs offers a wide variety of caves, these caves are the closest to Paris, Luxembourg, Belgium, Strasbourg, Colmar, Nancy.

From what age to go caving?
Our activities and our equipment allow the accessibility to the caving from 6 years old for the children, you must not have any contra-indication to the practice of this activity
All particularities concerning health are to be reported to the instructor at the reception.

See you soon
the Noaguides team

Spéléo gourmande à la journée dans le Doubs
Grotte des cavottes
1, place de L'église
Prices & Schedules
  • Base rate (Group rate per person. Minimum 4 people) : 70€ - 80€

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