An enemy of the people

An enemy of the people


Theatre - From age 12 - 1h20
Compagnie Des Animaux Bizarres et Véhéments

Tomas Stockmann is the doctor at the town's new baths. He is in love, has two young children, sincere friends, a businessman father-in-law and a brother who is the town mayor. One day, Tomas discovers that the water in the baths is being polluted by factories, and he wants to remedy this ecological and health problem by warning his fellow citizens and launching costly but necessary major works. He now finds himself up against his brother, who is opposed to the renovations, which are too costly for the town, and also against the pettiness of his initial supporters, who prefer to side with the authorities and public opinion, while putting their own financial interests first. Dr Stockmann's radicalisation is therefore the result of a process in which we, as a society, play our part. We need to hear this message, to understand these people, and to bring this story to the stage today so that it can challenge and question us.

Production: Bureau Rustine Distribution: Compagnie des Animaux Bizarres et Véhéments
Supported by Les Labos d'Aubervilliers / Le Carreau du Temple / L'Espace Agnès Sorel / Anis Gras / le Théâtre de Belleville / le Centre National des Tréteaux de France
Freely adapted from the play Un ennemi du peuple by Henrik Ibsen
Directed and adapted by Guillaume Gras
Text: Henrik Ibsen
Acting: Ivan Cori, Marie Guignard, Eurialle Livaudais, Bruno Ouzeau, Nicolas Perrochet, Gonzague Van Bervesseles.
Lighting: Grégoire de Lafond
Photo: Vincent Fillon

An enemy of the people
Espace Pasteur
Place Notre-Dame
39600 ARBOIS
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Thursday 4 April at 8.30pm

  • Ermäßigter Satz (schoolchildren, students, unemployed, RSA)
An enemy of the people

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