Visites guidées de la Maison d'Izieu
Guided tours

Visites guidées de la Maison d'Izieu


Classified as a historical monument, the museum-memorial is one of the places of remembrance not to be missed in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. When you arrive, a striking setting awaits you: the beauty of the place contrasting with the history it bears. At the end of the road, you will see the house with the blue shutters. As you walk through the site, you can stop at the national stele from 1993 and the commemorative plaques on the house to pay tribute and try to understand. The house contains letters, drawings and photos that bear witness to daily life at the Colony from the spring of 1943 to the roundup on 6 April 1944. Guided by a mediator, visitors discover the historical context of the opening of the Colonie d'Izieu by visiting the different rooms of the house: the classroom, the refectory, the dormitories... The house can only be visited on a guided tour. Consult the timetable on In addition to the 50-minute tour of the house, discover the nearby museum. The museum is fully integrated into the old barn. The three areas of the permanent exhibition and its many digital devices allow visitors to discover the historical context of the Second World War, the networks for the rescue of Jewish children, international criminal justice and the construction of memory today. The building houses the bookshop, the documentation and research centre, educational rooms and a gallery of originals from unpublished collections. A temporary exhibition is scheduled every year from April to October.

Visites guidées de la Maison d'Izieu
Maison d'Izieu
70 route de Lambraz
01300 IZIEU
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