Baked Mont d'Or, or "boite chaude", is perfect for warming up on a winter evening. This hearty dish of charcuterie, melted cheese and Jura wine is just as simple to prepare as a traditional comté cheese fondue. A delight made for sharing. To really do justice to this cheese and its origins, the Jura Mountains invite you to come and enjoy your Mont d'Or cheese... at the top of Mont d'Or, 1,463 metres above sea level! And while you're in the area, why not visit one of the local cheese dairies to find out how this and other cheeses are made through traditional methods?

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Ready, steady, cook!


    1. Bake the potatoes for a few minutes until their skins are crispy.
    2. Bake the Mont d’Or cheese for 25 minutes (or longer to obtain a nice golden crust).

BEWARE: In the oven, this cheese has been known to leave its box.

This delicious Mont d'Or cheese fondue should be served hot from the oven.

Historical anectode

At the table of King Louis XV

In the 18th century, Mont d’Or was served at the royal table and later listed in the departmental register of dairy activities where it was described as being "like a so-called cream cheese, because of its taste and soft consistency".

All you need to know about Mont d’Or cheese

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The cheesemaking profession

Behind the scenes of cheesemaking

Our cheese dairies unveil the production secrets of yesteryear as well as modern methods. You'll be guided through the production process with the help of a film and a slide show that tell the story of our mountain cheeses.

You will of course get a chance to sample freshly-made comté, morbier and tome du Jura, as well as Mont d’Or of course. And why not take some home to share with family or friends?

Le Hameau du Fromage Fromagerie du Mont d'Or


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