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Bugey is the perfect place to come for family leisure time in a friendly and relaxed setting. All kinds of outdoor activities are possible in both winter and summer, including cross-country skiing, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, canoeing and so on.

Just to name a few of the natural gems in this area, it would be a shame to miss out on the splendid Grottes du Cerdon caves, the bewildering Lac Genin and also the fabulous Route des Sapins trail that goes back and forth through the Bugey.

Not forgetting culture and heritage, on a hike through the mountains you can see wonderful places, visit the Plastics Valley towns of Oyonnax and Nantua and small heritage sites such as the remarkable outdoor brick oven at Meyrieu. Turning to culture, the Ambronay Early Music Festival set in the Abbaye d’Ambronay is a delight for fans of both music and heritage. Another must-visit is the incredible collection at the Soieries Bonnet silk factory in Jujurieux.

The Bugey region also provides a unique opportunity to discover the rich gastronomy of this area. Give into a glass of Bugey wine, and sample some of the famous Quenelles in sauce Nantua.


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