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Ongoing Traditions

This area is alive and active; long before the 21st century it was moving mountains … of energy. Morez, Morbier and Saint-Claude are all historical hubs imbued with a culture of industry and production that are showcased in the Musée de la Lunetterie (Spectacles Museum), the Musée de la Pipe et du Diamant(Pipe and Diamond Museum), the knowledge workshop and the numerous “fruitières” cheese dairies where Comté and Bleu de Gex are made.


A Natural Setting like Nowhere Else

The Haut-Jura territory also has a wealth of natural heritage. The Bienne Valley, the Flumen gorges and waterfalls, the “Chapeau de gendarme” a bicorn hat-shaped fold… these are all amazing natural sites for you to discover while you are hiking, canyoning or mountain biking.


Surprising Encounters

Keep climbing upward to reach the Hautes-Combes near to Lajoux and the Maison du Parc (Haut-Jura Regional Nature Reserve). Acoustic sites, cross-country skiing, snowshoe trips and dog sled rides – here the mountains inspire lovers of Mother Nature, whether they come simply to take time out and reflect or whether they are looking for more active pursuits. This area is thoroughly authentic and allows you to make many beautiful discoveries and even have some chance encounters, such as the Borne au lion border post, where you can find a farmhouse inn serving ham in hay!


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