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The Lakes region has been popular since prehistoric times, and these days is a paradise for nature and sports enthusiasts.

To get an idea of this area and take in its beautiful atmosphere all in one go, you only have to climb a little. Fly over the mountains in a microlight or plane, or for an easier option, climb up to a panoramic viewpoint. The views from the Pont de la Pyle bridge on the Vouglans dam or the one over the 4 lakes (Ilay, Narlay, Little Maclus and Great Maclus), reveal every colour that this area has to offer and show off every shade of blue.

In total, there are some twenty bodies of water, some left over from long-ago glacial periods while others are man-made. They offer spots ideal for lazing around, swimming or quite simply, quiet contemplation.

However, this is not just a place where the water is contained and calm, but also where it really comes to life and the Hérisson waterfalls, a designated nature site, are proof enough. With sources, resurgences, torrents, caves and blind valleys, the water has really been an architect of this area.

This area has been popular since the dawn of time. Dinosaurs and mammoths – the biggest stars of palaeontology – walked here, especially in Loulle and Coisia, where they left their tracks in the ground. That was 200 million years ago! It was already popular in the Neolithic era demonstrated by the lakeside pile dwellings in Chalain, and its popularity continued through the Middle Ages, shown by the medieval remains at Arinthod, Saint-Hymetière and Orgelet, the homeland of Cadet Roussel, as well as Gigny.

These days in the lakes region, there are so many outdoor activities on offer. Swimming is of course one of them, with a water temperature approaching 25°C in the height of the summer. There is also boating, lake and river fishing, boat trips, hiking and mountain biking. This lovely region is the ideal spot for a summer holiday in the mountains!


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