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Lélex – Crozet / Mijoux – La Faucille / La Vattay – La Valserine/ Menthières

Monts Jura is one of the most important parts of the Jura Mountains, in the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Park and the Haute Chaîne Nature Reserve. Boasting the “Ski France” label, the resort includes one area for Nordic skiing and three areas for downhill skiing, with magnificent views of the Alpine peaks and Lake Geneva.

Altitude: 850 to 1,680 m


Cross-Country Skiing

Monts Jura : 18 trails / pistes (157 km of Nordic trails)


Alpine Skiing

Monts Jura : 47 pistes in total


Lélex / Crozet : 26 pistes, 2 cable cars, 2 chair lifts, 10 ski lifts and a rope tow

Mijoux / La Faucille : 12 pistes, 1 combined lift, 1 chair lift and 5 ski lifts

Menthières : 9 pistes, 1 chair lift, 4 ski lifts et 1 conveyor


Nordic Activities

Itinéraires raquettes : 10 in Monts Jura (48.1 km of snowshoe trails)

Footpaths : 2 in Monts Jura.


Leisure Activities and Toboggan Runs

Mijoux: 1 walking trail and 1 toboggan run in the village

Lélex : 1 walking trail and 1 toboggan run in the village

La Faucille : 1 walking trail and 1 toboggan run in the village


Equipment Hire


In Mijoux:

Le Tiapi: https://www.letiapisport.sport2000.fr/

Michel sports: https://www.valserine-benoit-gonin.com


In Lelex:

Jean-Pierre sport: https://www.jeanpierresport.com/

Monthoisey sports: +33 4 50 20 91 06

Skimium-skishop: https://www.skishop-lelex.com/

Skiset: https://www.pommedepin-lelex.com

Sport 2000: +33 4 50 20 96 16


A la Faucille:

Giroud Sports Twinner: https://www.col-de-la-faucille.twinner-sports.com

Ski Loc : +33 4 50 41 31 36


In la Vattay:

La Vattay Sport: https://www.lavattaysports.fr/


In Menthières :

Chez carry : +33 4 50 56 52 78


In Crozet :

Looping Sport : https://www.loopingsports.com/


Ski Schools

La Faucille International Ski School : +33 4 50 41 30 29.

Mijoux-La Faucille School : +33 4 50 41 31 34.

ESF Lélex-Crozet : +33 4 50 20 90 42.

Ecole de ski nordique de la Vattay (Vattay Nordic Ski School) : +33 4 20 40 29 69 ou +33 6 78 62 80 92


Leisure activities

Rail toboggan in à la Faucille : https://www.monts-jura.com (+33 4 50 20 91 43)

Catheline gondola ski lift in Lélex : https://www.monts-jura.com (+33 4 50 20 91 43)

Fierney gondola ski lift : https://www.monts-jura.com (+33 4 50 20 91 43)

Mont Rond combined lift in La Faucille : https://www.monts-jura.com (+33 4 50 20 91 43)

Valmijoux chair lift : https://www.monts-jura.com (+33 4 50 20 91 43)


Professional Musher

Qimmiq aventure in Mijoux: https://www.qimmiqaventure.com/


Nearby Points of Interest

The Musée des Pierres Fines (Museum of Fine Stones) in Mijoux, the Bleu de Gex cheese producer in Chezery-Forens.

The Pertes de la Valserine (canyon), Le Crêt de la Neige and Le Reculet, the two highest peaks in the Jura Mountains, with breath-taking views of Geneva, Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.



La Faucille : https://m.webcam-hd.com/mont-jura/la-faucille-coeur-de-station

Lélex 1680 : https://m.webcam-hd.com/mont-jura/lelex-1680

La Vattay: https://m.webcam-hd.com/mont-jura/la-vattay

Menthières: https://m.webcam-hd.com/mont-jura/menthieres


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Alpine skiing or hiking, snow tubing or mountain biking, cross-country skiing or paragliding, Monts-Jura is a large resort at mid-mountain altitude resort. Only 20 minutes from Geneva in the midst of the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura, leisure on the green and white stuff abound here, at the foot of the Crêt de la Neige (1,720 m). From Monts Jura, you have a fabulous view over the Pays de Gex, Lake Geneva and the French-Italian-Swiss Alpis. And opposite the resort is none other than Mont Blanc!


Great Skiing … At a Gentle Pace

When it is wintry and white, four skiing areas converge in the Monts-Jura resort. There are three downhill skiing areas: Lelex-Crozet, Mijoux-La Faucille and Menthières plus the Nordic skiing area of La Vattay-La Valserine. These ski areas stretch across the mountains, between altitudes of 900 and 1,680 m. The resort can be accessed using the cable car from Crozet or by road to the slopes of Col de la Faucille or Menthières. In total, there are 29 ski lifts serving the downhill ski slopes. It has everything the big resorts have, but offers it a gentler pace and with less of a scramble. Therefore, it is perfect for families and laid-back skiers.


Moving onto the green … and the blue

On foot, bicycle or mountain bike, through woodland and hamlets, there are a thousand hiking paths for exploring the mountain range’s gentle hills. A tip for fishing fans! The white waters of the Valserine which flow through here harbour some lovely brown trout. There is even more peace and quiet at the golf courses in Mijoux, the Valserine course and the prestigious 5* Jiva Hill Resort in Crozet that embrace the contours and the pure nature of the resort. Get up to top speed on the all-year toboggan runs. The only place you’ll find this is in the Jura Mountains. With 1,160 m of rails and a dizzying 540° twist, this is a thrill…ing run! It is the longest in Europe and has some slopes reaching up to 37%.


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