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Comté is so much more than just a great cheese! Discover the industry behind France’s number one Appellation of Origin cheese.

From the pastures to the cheeseboard, this gourmet break initiates you in the history of Comté, its production and maturing, and brings you face-to-face with some truly passionate people.

The subject of endless debate, Comté is the fruit of the labours of farmers, cheesemakers and maturers.



Visit a dairy farm in search of the Montbéliarde breed of cattle. Gentle and generous, every day they produce the milk that is destined for use in the production of Comté and other cheeses of the terroir. Discover the ancestral skills of the cheese maker at a cheese dairy (a cooperative milk farm): collecting the milk, adding curd rennet, stirring...right up to the wheels; this immutable ritual will no longer be a secret to you!

Delve into the Cathedral of Comté at the Fort Saint Antoine where the fresh wheels of cheese prepared at the dairies are matured for many months in order to become the Kings of French cheese.
100,000 wheels of Comté are salted, scrubbed, turned and monitored up until maturity before they are fit to grace the counters of the very finest cheese shops in France and further afield.


 Price per person

3 ears of corn

2 days / 1 night96 €


Guided visit of the maturing caves of the Fort St Antoine,
Lunch at the Restaurant du Fromage or at one of the other Comtois restaurants,
Guided tour of a miellerie (honey farm) with tasting, or the Hameau du Fromage museum,
Guided visit of an apiary with tasting,
Country-style dinner (drinks included),
Overnight stay with breakfast in bed/table d'hôtes, based on a double room,
Visit to the Tuyé du Papy Gaby farm house (salted cured meats),
Voucher for 1kg of Comté,
A guide book of the Comté Routes.

Any tourist tax