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Stage de skating découverte


Knowing how to slide and turn. This is an introductory course offered to all those who are new to skating but who already regularly practice a sliding activity such as classic skiing, downhill skiing, rollerblading or ice skating.
From Monday to Friday
Discovery of the technical bases of skating.
Confidence building, general ease.
Situations to improve balance and glide.
Moving on flat and hilly terrain.
Turning step.
4 to 10 km per 1/2 day
Physical condition:
You already have a physical activity or sport, you are in good shape. Prepare your stay around activities that require balance (rollerblading, ice skating...) and endurance (walking, running, cycling, swimming). This preparation will allow you to fully enjoy your stay.

Stage de skating découverte
30 route des Pâturages
Prices & Schedules

From 17/01/22 To 21/01/22 Of 09:00 To 11:30

From 24/01/22 To 28/01/22 Of 09:00 To 11:30

From 31/01/22 To 04/02/22 Of 09:00 To 11:30

From 07/03/22 To 11/03/22 Of 09:00 To 11:30

From 14/03/22 To 18/03/22 Of 09:00 To 11:30

From 21/03/22 To 25/03/22 Of 09:00 To 11:30

  • Carte Jeune youth card : 84€ - 105€
  • Base rate : 94.5€ - 105€

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