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Prénovel – Les Piards / Lac des Rouges Truites / Saint-Laurent / Saint-Pierre / Chaux du Dombief – Château des Prés

Grandvaux is quite simply Nordic!

In the regional natural park of Haut-Jura, between the Hérisson Falls and the Rousses Resort, escape to Le Combe du Grandvaux and its Nordic setting, 900-1,000 m above sea level. Here, people ski, toboggan, hike or go snowshoe hiking.

Everything is organised to allow you to explore the landscape of the mountains in total peace, using the well-maintained, marked out routes, to discover frozen lakes and open valleys bordered by magnificent forests.

Altitude : 880 to 1,170 m


Cross-Country Skiing

Prénovel Les Piards : 10 trails and another for beginners
Saint-Pierre : 5 slopes
Saint-Laurent : 7 slopes
Lac des Rouges Truites : 5 slopes

Chaux des Prés : 3 slopes


Alpine Skiing

Les Piards : 2 slopes




12 routes, covering 51 km:

Prénovel : 4 routes

Chaux du Dombief : 1 route

Saint Laurent : 3 routes

Lac des Rouges Truites : 2 routes

Chaux des Prés : 1 route


Nouveauté : A multi-activity trail links the villages of Prénovel and Les Piards, and sled dogs can take you into La Combe.

Leisure Activities and Toboggan Runs

Toboggan runs in St Laurent, Prénovel, Les Piards and Le Lac des Rouges Truites.


Sports for the Disabled

The Grandvaux Ski Club offers a Disabled Sports section, with 7 members who can support physically disabled people including those who are blind and visually-impaired, paraplegic or who have various other disabilities. 2 disabled cross-country ski chairs and a buggy are available. Disabled sports slope (1.2 km) departing from St Pierre. Contact: Cécile Leyder by email or by telephone (+33 6 81 78 29 22).


Equipment Hire


Saint Laurent en Grandvaux :

Traces d’Aventure : https://www.tracesdaventure.com


Lac des Rouges Truites :

Bugnon area : https://www.chalet-bugnon.fr/


Prénovel :

Le Duchet holiday village : https://www.le-duchet.com/

Activities Providers

Alexandre Renaud : Mountain guide aem.renaudalexandre@gmail.com ( +33 6 08 50 20 60 )

Josiane Berolini : https://www.jurabalades.com



Professional Mushers

Terre et neige : +33 6 71 49 02 86

Les attelages du Grandvaux : https://www.attelages-chevaux-jura.com/ (+33 6 81 29 26 53)


To Do

Entertainment : sleigh rides, snowshoe hiking, Nordic skiing, tobogganing and sled dogs…


In the evening : Cheese-fondue parties, night-time snowshoe hiking, followed by a typical Jura meal, bowling, cinema… the list goes on.


Comfortable accommodation is available in the very heart of nature, across 11 villages in Grandvaux including gites and furnished apartments, guest houses, hotels and restaurants, holiday centres, hostels, camping and caravanning in the snow and 10 holiday chalets.


Vist and Discover

Our cheesemongers (Grande Rivière, Le Lac des Rouges Truites and St Pierre), le Monde du Cirque (a model circus) in St Laurent, the Saint-Rémi chapel in Les Piards (please book in advance), the salt dough and Tintinnabul earthenware workshop in Prénovel, la Poterie (Pottery) at the Lac à la Dame in Fort-du-Plasne and more.



The lake of the Grande Rivière Abbey, the Saut Girard waterfall (first of the Hérisson Falls) in La Chaux-du-Dombief and La Lemme waterfall in Fort-du-Plasne.



Lac des Rouges Truites – Chalet du Bugnon : https://m.webcam-hd.com/grandvaux/lac-des-rouges-truites_chalet-bugnon


Prenovel – Duchet Centre : https://www.le-duchet.com/images/stories/mesphotos/webcam.jpg


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