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Les Rousses – Prémanon – Lamoura – Bois d’Amont


The Haut-Jura is as endearing as its local accent, and is protected as a Regional Natural Park. At Les Rousses, the four-village resort, Alpine and Nordic skiing have pride of place and the atmosphere is friendly and lively.
Altitude : 1050 m to 1680 m


Cross-Country Skiing

Les Rousses: 2 high mountain ranges (the Massacre and the Risoux forests), 1 valley.
35 pistes / trails in total (220 km of pistes/trails)
Including :

Risoux area: 3 slopes

Orbe area : 8 slopes

Sambine area: 5 slopes

Massacre area: 3 slopes

Lamoura – Serra area: 7 slopes

Zones of exploration in the Orbe and Lamoura – Serra area : Trails open to all (cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, walkers and dogs on leads); they are easy and accessible thanks to the Balade (Walking) and Nordic passes.


Alpine Skiing

Franco-Swiss area : Les Tuffes, La Serra, Le Noirmont and La Dôle mountain ranges: 54 pistes / trails and 33 lifts.


Nordic Activities

Snowshoe hiking routes : 93 km of marked snowshoe routes in quiet areas which are not too busy.


“Freedom” zones : Free-of-charge, they have been groomed and are accessible to pedestrians, snowshoers, skiers and dogs on a lead. Find them on the border at Bois d’Amont, Fort des Rousses, Prémanon Village and Bas des Meures in Lamoura.


Exploration zones: Groomed trails for snowshoers, pedestrians and cross-country ski novices can be found at Platelet aux Rousses, Chalet Blanc in Prémanon and Combe Arbey in Lamoura. Accessible via the walking pass and all the Nordic passes.


Snowshoe trails with prepared areas (regularly groomed) and reception facilities for snowshoers, walkers and ski walkers. These secure and marked trails are accessible via the walking pass and all the Nordic passes.

Departure points: La Serra, La Frasse, La Darbella, Les Rousses and Bois d’Amont.


Snowshoe hiking routes : Not groomed, accessible via the walking pass and all the Nordic passes. Start at Lamoura, La Frasse, Prémanon, Les Rousses and Bois d’Amont.


Leisure Activities and Toboggan Runs

Les Marmousets : An enclosed and secure space for an introduction to skiing, where students can have fun while they learn proper technique at various workshops, with guaranteed snow.

Safe toboggan runs in the villages of Prémanon, Lamoura, Bois d’Amont, and at the foot of the Alpine Ski Mountain Ranges of La Serra, Jouvencelles and Noirmont.


Sledging activities

Skijoring at Les Rousses and Lamoura and huskies at the Lamoura and Prémanon resorts.


The “Parcours Grandes Traversées du Jura” (GTJ) (long-distance routes to cross the Jura)

Trails connecting Morteau (25) and Giron (01), two routes through the Les Rousses resort.

Snowshoe hiking the GTJ : from Chapelle-des-Bois to Bois d’Amont (10.9 km), from Bois d’Amont to Les Rousses (9.6 km) and from Les Rousses to Lajoux, via the Chalet de la Frasse in the Massacre forest (20.8 km)


Cross-country ski the GTJ : from Bellefontaine to Bois d’Amont (11.5 km), from Bois d’Amont to Les Rousses (8.7 km) and from Les Rousses to Lajoux, via the Frasse Chalet in the Massacre forest (21.1 km)


Equipment Hire


In Rousses :

Arbez Sport : https://www.skimium.fr/store/arbez-sports-86

Berthet Sport 2000 : https://www.berthet.sport2000.fr/

Jean Prost sport / Intersport : https://www.intersport-lesrousses.com

Noirmont Sports : https://www.noirmontsports.com/


In Prémanon :

Balland Skis – skiset : https://www.ballandskis.com

Chalet l’Hermine : https://www.location-ski-chalet-lermine.com/

Jean Prost Sport / Intersport : https://www.intersport-lesrousses.com

Location de la Dole : https://www.lesrousses.com/ (03 84 60 04 95)


In Bois-d’Amont :

Risoux Sports : https://www.sports-jura.com/ (03 84 60 90 06)

Ski Vendel : https://www.ski-vandel.com/


In Lamoura :

Serra Sports : https://www.serra-sports.com/ (03 84 41 23 66)

Serra Sports (in the village of Lamoura) : https://www.serra-sports.com (03 84 41 21 67)


Ski schools

Internation Ski Schools (ESI): :

La boite à Montagne : https://www.la-boite-a-montagne-jura.fr


French Ski Schools:

ESF Lamoura : https://www.esf-lamoura.com

ESF Les Rousses : https://www.esf-lesrousses.com


Leisure activities

Baladaski Baladaski cross-country skiing game : https://www.lesrousses.com (+33 3 84 60 02 55)

Souterrains Aventure (Underground Adventure) https://www.lesrousses.com (+33 3 84 60 02 55)


Professional Mushers

Lungaiak : https://www.chiensdetraineaux-jura.com/

Sentiers nordiques (Nordic Trails) : www.sentiers-nordiques.fr


Recreational Areas

Les Marmousets : https://www.lesrousses.com (+33 3 84 60 02 55)


Equestrian Activities

(Tinguely Equestrian Centre) : https://www.centre-equestre-tinguely.com

Le Poney Cernaise : www.cheval-haut-jura.com (+33 3 84 41 25 67 ou 06 85 43 21 34)


Nearby Points of Interest

At the Les Rousses resort : sports centre, ice rink (currently under construction), equestrian centre, underground adventure (the only one of its kind in Europe), games area, play area, and an introduction to telemark skiing and biathlon.


Especially for children : In Les Rousses, Prémanon, Bois d’Amont and Lamoura there is a mini-crêche, day nursery, nursery and leisure centre.

In the centre of Bois d’Amont you’ll find the “Les Marmousets” recreational area. This play area has many regular visitors. This winter, families will be able to enjoy a toboggan run, a snowy play area and a Nordic trail made of artificial snow. Children and their parents will be delighted to enjoy this fun area in the heart of the village, offering great views of the Risoux forest.



Cross-country skiing at your own pace : “Baladaski”, a 13 km route through the Massacre Forest – ideal and accessible for the entire family. It combines exploring the environment and games in gentle surroundings.


A walk in snowshoes :A top-quality Nordic skiing area in the high part of the Massacre forest is now available thanks to a partnership between the Les Rousses resort and the area of Hautes Combes du Jura.

Points of Interest

In Lamoura : The lapidary house (Maison du Lapidaire) in Lamoura, the Wood Museum (Musée de la Boissellerie) in Bois d’Amont, Skiing Museum and Rousselande traditions in Les Rousses and the Paul-Emile Victor Centre, dedicated to polar expeditions, Inuit culture and the Sami people in Prémanon.

The impressive and amazing Fort des Rousses, whose cellars house 40,000 rounds of ripening Comté cheese!

Wood turning, watchmaking, leather, pottery, lapidary, candles, jewellery and fine gemstone cutting handicrafts. Cheese dairies in Les Rousses.



Les Rousses resorts – la Darbella : https://m.webcam-hd.com/les-rousses/darbella



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