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Mouthe/Chez Liadet – Chapelle-des-Bois – Les Combes Derniers – Chaux-Neuve – Le Pré-Poncet

There is a Scandinavian feel here with 13 villages in the very heart of the Jura mountains, high-altitude forests, snowy mountain pastures, frozen lakes, packs of sled dogs and sparkling powder snow. It is a Nordic skiing paradise, where the trails are always perfect.

It’s also the legendary location of the Transjurassienne, the biggest cross-country skiing race in France, and one of the longest in the world.

Altitude : 900 m to 1,385 m


Cross-Country Skiing

Mouthe / Liadet : 5 slopes
Pré-Poncet : 11 trails and an international competition site.
Chapelle-des-Bois : 16 slopes
Chaux-Neuve : 3 slopes

La Combes Derniers : 4 slopes



Alpine Skiing

In Mouthe : 4 slopes, 3 ski lifts, snow cannons
Chaux-Neuve : 3 slopes, 2 ski lifts, snow makers


Nordic Activities


Snowshoe Hiking Routes :

In Chapelle-des-Bois : 7 snowshoe hiking routes

In Pré Poncet : 5 snowshoe hiking routes

In Mouthe/ Chez Liadet : 2 snowshoe hiking routes

In Chaux-Neuve : 2 snowshoe hiking routes

Les Combes Derniers : 2 snowshoe hiking routes


Sled dogs :

2 routes in Les Combes Derniers departing from Les Pontets and La Combe des Cives


Skijoring :

In Chaux-Neuve and Mouthe / Chez Liadet


Leisure Activities and Toboggan Runs

In Mouthe / Chez Laidet : Illuminated trail, 2 toboggan runs
In Chapelle des Bois : Illuminated trail, toboggan run, multi-activity trail in La Combe des Cives

In Pré-Poncet :Toboggan run, recreation area

In Les Pontets :Walking slope


Equipment Hire


In Mouthe :

Pecoud sport : https://www.pecoudsport.com

Pré Bouillet ski : www.locationskismouthe.fr


Les Pontets :

Bessant sport : +33 3 81 69 27 44


Activities Providers


In Mouthe :

Bertand Thomet :+33 6 86 90 24 22 (Horse-drawn carriage ride, snow tubing, skijoring)


Nicod Antoine : 06 +33 7 02 45 54 (snowshoe hiking and themed guided tours in Haut-Doubs)


In Chaux-Neuve :

Equestrian Centre in Les Cerclevaux : https://www.cheval-passion-jura.fr

Parc Polaire : https://www.parcpolaire.com

International Ski Jumps : +33 6 81 53 46 47


In Chapelle des Bois :

Nature Odyssée Jura (Nature Odyssey Jura): www.nature-odyssee-jura.fr


International Ski Schools (ESI)

ESI Glisses nordiques in Chapelle des Bois : https://glissesnordiques.pagesperso-orange.fr/



French Ski School

ESF Val de Mouthe : https://www.esfmouthe.com/ (+33 6 07 86 86 71)

ESF Val de Mouthe (Chaux-Neuve) : https://val-de-mouthe.esf.net/ (+33 3 81 69 27 44)


Professional Mushers

Les équipes Adam’s : www.lesequipagesadams.fr


Points of Interest

La Maison Michaud, eco-museum of mountain life in La Combe des Cives, gingerbreads and delicacies from Mouthe (Vuez).

The Ski Museum at the Auberge de La Perruque (La Perruqe) Inn, in Pré-Poncet between Chapelle-des-Bois and Chaux-Neuve. More than 800 pairs of skis on display. Independent or guided visits (mostly at the end of the day).
The GPS Safari treasure hunt.

La chasse au trésor GPS Safari


Points of Interest

Le Parc Polaire in Chaux-Neuve with its Greenlandic dogs, reindeer, aurochs, yaks, Tarpan horses, European bison, red deer, mountain sheep and more.

International ski jumps in Chaux-Neuve.

The “Au bon vieux temps” (“Good Old Days”) Museum in Chaux-Neuve (known as La Chenoz).



Val de Mouthe / Chez Liadet : https://m.webcam-hd.com/espace-nordique-jurassien/val-de-mouthe_chez-liadet


Chapelle des Bois : https://m.webcam-hd.com/espace-nordique-jurassien/val-de-mouthe_chapelle-des-bois


Le Pré-Poncet : https://m.webcam-hd.com/espace-nordique-jurassien/val-de-mouthe_pre-poncet
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