Spring into action and explore your boundaries... underground! With cave tours, potholing, potholing & fondue, a fabulous playground awaits just beneath your feet! Opt for a cave tour to enjoy a refreshing walk in a cleverly-enhanced decor. For the adventurous, armed with helmet and wetsuit, try a potholing adventure in the company of a guide to explore the underground world of the Jura Mountains.

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Guided cave tours

The caves of Baume-les-Messieurs, Moidons and Osselle, not forgetting the Poudrey chasm, are the pride and joy of the Jura Mountains.

They unveil some well-hidden geological gems that are admirably showcased by the latest sound and light technology.

Join a guided tour to discover the fantastic geology and mineral features created by the Jura subsoil millions of years ago.

This lovely cool walk is ideal for getting away from the summer heat. But don't forget to bring a fleece!

Top 5 caves, caverns and chasms

Potholing adventure

Not afraid of the dark and enjoy adrenalin thrills? Then potholing in the Jura Mountains is just the activity for you!

Prepare for a dizzying experience below the surface with nothing from which to take your bearings other than the experienced guide who is with you!

If you're an explorer at heart, expect to discover a whole new world with a very different landscape, all in silence and under the light of your head torch.

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A spot of history

The term "jurassic" was coined by the geologist Brongniart in 1829 to describe this mostly limestone terrain which formed between 135 million and 205 million years ago. A terrain of chalky rock that eroded to create an amazing landscape with a multitude of underground caves and cavities!

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Potholing & fondue

We've all heard of skiing & fondue, but what about this version, potholing & fondue?

This original and convivial activity can be enjoyed in the Jura Mountains! Ready to give it a try?


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