With over 20,000 chasms, cavities and caves, the Jura Mountains are potholing heaven! Beneath your feet, expect the unexpected in a fascinating universe formed several million years ago!
Caves, chasms and underground rivers invite you on a journey to the centre of the earth that will captivate you and perhaps even make your mouth water if you opt for the potholing & fondue excursion!

Pick your guide and prepare for an underground adventure.

Guided excursion

Potholing, an extreme adventure

It has to be said, potholing is an extreme activity that requires the presence of a professional guide! Just imagine being in a cold, damp cave, your field of view limited to the range of your head torch, and having to squeeze through narrow passages. Your heart starts beating fast with the fear of being trapped, you feel afraid of the dark, but you're also overwhelmed with curiosity and excitement. And you're reassured by the presence of your experienced guide.

Captivated by the mineral landscape that could be the work of a sculptor, you're now convinced, it really is a dizzying experiencing. On your return to the surface, you feel a little disoriented, as if you've just been on a long voyage beyond the reaches of time and lost all your usual bearings.

This is indeed an adventure that should only be experienced under the supervision of a professional guide. The equipment alone requires expert handling. Besides the helmet, head torch, harness and wetsuit, there are also the ropes, descenders and other equipment needed to get you back to the surface.

Potholing guides and clubs
Geologically ideal

Why the Jura Mountains for potholing?

The Jura Mountains stand on a karstic foundation that has many surprises in store when it comes to geological gems. Above all, this geology provides us with a fabulous network of cavities carved out by groundwater which has been seeping into the rock since the dawn of time. The result is a paradise that beckons potholers to come and explore!

The icing on the cake is that these cavities are very easy to reach no matter what the weather conditions, unlike those of the Alps, the Pyrenees or the Vercors mountains which are much more vulnerable to climatic variations.

Did you know?

A few figures

The Franco-Swiss Jura mountains feature some 20,000 cavities. The largest in the region is that of the Verneau underground river. It stretches for 35 kilometres, whereas the longest in France is in the Pyrenees and measures 100 kilometres.

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An excursion with a difference

Focus on potholing & fondue

Exploring the bowels of the mountain works up your appetite! Walking, climbing, wading through water and squeezing through narrow passages... No wonder potholing & fondue was invented in the Jura Mountains! When you reach the end of your potholing trail with your guide and the group, you'll all enjoy a Comté fondue with your head torches providing the only light. An incredible experience to be tried at least once in any lifetime!

Potholing & fondue, a unique adventure

Adrenalin thrills!

In the Jura Mountains there are hundreds of ways to let off steam in the great outdoors.

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