Magiciens d'eau
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Magiciens d'eau


This summer, we're adapting to ensure that we can welcome you in the safest and most sanitary conditions (traffic plan, respect for distances, disinfected equipment, etc.).

The base is by the river, on a natural site.
It's a calm river, very easy to practice, especially for beginners; you still need to know how to swim and respect the safety instructions given during the presentation of the different courses.
Just turn up at the base, which is at the finish of the courses, and a shuttle will take you to your chosen departure point.
We offer 3 types of course on the water.
The first course is 4 km long and takes around 1 hour: it is recommended for young people (children under 10).
The second route is the most popular, lasting around 3 hours for a total of 10 km on the water, and is an excellent compromise.
The last is for our sporty friends, who want to go for a day out: 22km lasting around 6 hours. A snack is strongly recommended!
Course times are indicative and you can spend more time on the water. You're free to stop for lunch, a swim or a siesta on the beach!

There is also the option of a night-time walk... Wait until evening to discover the wild side of the river, and the descent is accompanied.

You must be able to swim.
Price per person.
Suitable for children aged 5 and over.

Magiciens d'eau
La Plage
lieu dit le Sauget
  • French, English
  • Pets welcome
  • Bar
  • entertainment
Prices & Schedules Prices :
  • Base rate (Blye / Mesnois) : 6€ - 25€
Special opening conditions :

Daily disinfection of equipment provided to users

Magiciens d'eau

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